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8% of EU Companies Adopted Artificial Intelligence in 2023

In 2023, 8% of EU companies with ten or more employees implemented artificial intelligence technologies to enhance their business operations

In 2023, 8% of companies in the European Union with ten or more employees integrated artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into their operations. The highest adoption rates were in Denmark (15.2%), Finland (15.1%), and Luxembourg (14.4%), with the lowest in Romania (1.5%), Bulgaria (3.6%), Poland (3.7%), and Hungary (3.7%).

According to Eurostat, the most prevalent AI application among these enterprises was in workflow automation or decision support, with 3% of businesses using AI-based robotic process automation. This was followed by written language analysis (2.9%) and machine learning (2.6%).

Other AI technologies in use included speech-to-text conversion (2.5%), image recognition and processing (2.2%), natural language generation (2.1%), and autonomous functionality in robots, self-driving cars, and drones (0.9%). These statistics underline the increasing role of AI in enhancing European business efficiencies.

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