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Global Ballots: Macedonian Expats Gear Up for Presidential Vote

Macedonian expatriates are set to participate in the 2024 presidential elections via 31 global voting centers, following stringent eligibility checks and new data security protocols

North Macedonia is set to facilitate its 2024 presidential election for expatriates through 31 diplomatic and consular offices worldwide, following the approval of 2,571 applications from its nationals living abroad.

The State Election Commission (SEC) announced that key cities like Berlin, Bern, London, and Ljubljana will see significant voter turnout, with Ljubljana topping the list with 332 registered voters. In contrast, smaller contingents are scattered across cities from Abu Dhabi to Beijing.

The SEC detailed that out of 2,904 applications received, 2,641 Macedonian nationals abroad met the legal criteria for voting. However, voting will be restricted to locations with more than 10 registered voters, excluding 20 diplomatic offices. Additionally, the SEC has laid down guidelines for the management of biometric data post-election, mandating the deletion of all data thirty days following the final election results, ensuring privacy and security in the electoral process.

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