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Croatia’s €30 Million Boost for Hydrogen Fuel Infrastructure

Croatia embarks on a pioneering initiative to bolster its green transportation infrastructure by earmarking €30 million for the development of hydrogen fuel stations, marking a significant leap towards sustainable mobility

Croatia has taken a decisive step towards greener transportation by allocating €30 million in grants for the construction of hydrogen fuel stations, aiming to catalyze the use of hydrogen-powered vehicles. Announced by Damir Habijan, the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, half of this fund, €15 million, will be made available this year to kickstart the project.

The plan entails the establishment of six hydrogen stations for cars and trucks, with locations to be determined following a public tender process and the assessment of proposals from interested companies. The government is prepared to support the construction of each station with up to €2 million for car stations and €3.5 million for truck stations, emphasizing the inclusion of electric vehicle chargers powered exclusively by renewable energy sources.

This initiative marks a significant milestone for Croatia, which currently lacks public hydrogen refueling infrastructure, targeting the operational status of these stations by 2026. By 2035, companies benefiting from these subsidies are expected to source electricity for hydrogen production exclusively from renewable sources, aligning with the country’s sustainability goals.

Eligible sites for these hydrogen stations are confined to domestic roads that are part of the EU’s TEN-T network, including major highways connecting Varaždin to Zagreb, Zagreb to Rijeka, and Zagreb to Split. Highlighting hydrogen’s potential as an environmentally friendly fuel option, especially in public transportation, the government’s strategy also extends support to public transport companies seeking to adopt hydrogen technologies.

This strategic move not only underscores Croatia’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and fostering sustainable mobility but also positions the nation as a frontrunner in the adoption of hydrogen fuel technology within the region.

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