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Slovenia and France Strengthen Ties with Space Technology Partnership

Slovenia is charting a new course in its aerospace ambitions through a strategic partnership with France, aiming to elevate its presence in the global space industry

In a concerted effort to elevate its nascent aerospace sector onto the global stage, Slovenia is forging critical partnerships, notably with France, a titan in the aerospace industry. The collaboration, enriched by a shared commitment to advancing space technologies, was spotlighted at the Slovenian-French business forum on March 8th, revealing a partnership that spans earth observation, artificial intelligence, and the burgeoning realms of nano and small satellites.

Tanja Permozer, at the helm of the Slovenian Space Office, emphasized the country’s vibrant ecosystem of over 40 companies and organizations dedicated to space technology. This ecosystem is bolstered by a national strategy that prioritizes the development and utilization of space technologies and applications, laying a solid foundation for Slovenia’s ambitious aerospace aspirations.

The potential for an expanded alliance in space technologies between Slovenian and French entities has been underscored by Matevž Frangež, State Secretary at the Slovenian Economy Ministry. This cooperation is particularly pivotal as Slovenia eyes full membership in the European Space Agency within the year, marking a significant milestone in its space journey.

Bernard Luciani from the French space agency CNES lauded Slovenia’s aerospace ambitions, supported by a robust industry and research framework, as pivotal for the accelerated development of space activities across Europe. A letter of intent signed at the forum between CNES and the Slovenian Space Office symbolizes a deepening of bilateral ties in space technology, heralding a new phase of cooperation.

This collaboration was spotlighted at an event backed by an array of Slovenian and French entities, underscoring the broader economic ties that bind the two nations. With trade between Slovenia and France surpassing three billion euros last year, the partnership extends beyond aerospace, covering sectors like automotive, electrical machinery, and pharmaceuticals, and setting a promising trajectory for bilateral cooperation in the space sector and beyond.

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