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Global Croatian Women Shine at Influence Awards

The Croatian Women’s Network marked a significant stride towards female empowerment with its seventh annual “Croatian Women of Influence” and “Future Leaders” Awards

The ceremony celebrated the accomplishments of women from across the globe, including Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Hungary, the UK, Canada, the US, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and Australia, across a diverse array of fields such as leadership, innovation, culture, entrepreneurship, science, sports, and humanitarian efforts.

Marijana Petir, Chairwoman of the Agriculture Committee, inaugurated the event on behalf of Gordan Jandroković, President of the Croatian Parliament and the ceremony’s high patron. The awards underscored the network’s mission to forge connections among successful women of Croatian descent worldwide, heralding their achievements as beacons of inspiration and mentorship for the next generation.

Founder Caroline Spivak delivered a powerful message, heralding the dawn of an era where women are increasingly visible in spheres traditionally dominated by men, from economic ventures and politics to science and diplomacy. Spivak’s vision for the Croatian Women’s Network extends beyond mere equality of outcome to ensuring equality of opportunity, aiming to knit together over a thousand members in a global tapestry of influence and impact.

The conference served as a clarion call for greater female participation in all walks of life, advocating for women to be not only leaders and innovators but also custodians of cultural and familial traditions. Spivak’s closing remarks emphasized the critical need for society to unlock the potential of women and other marginalized groups as a cornerstone for building a more equitable world.

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