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Croatia Leads EU in Water Wealth

Croatia takes the lead in the European Union for per capita water resources, signaling a potential model for sustainable water management amidst regional cooperative efforts

Croatia stands atop the EU for water resources per capita, boasting 30,000 cubic meters per individual, the Economy and Sustainable Development Ministry announced in celebration of World Water Day on March 22. With an annual replenishment of 22.16 billion cubic meters of renewable underground waters, Croatia’s water abundance is significant, yet challenged by spatial and temporal variability.

While 94% of Croatians enjoy access to clean water, and 86% are connected to public supplies, the country faces the critical task of enhancing its sewer systems and curbing the high 50% water loss in public supplies. The government is committed to expanding access to potable water and addressing environmental concerns, including plastic waste and chemical pollutants.

Village of Rastoke. Slunj

In light of the 2024 World Water Day theme ‘Water for Peace,’ Croatia emphasizes collaboration with neighboring nations and regional bodies like the Danube and Sava river basins to manage water resources sustainably and mitigate climate change impacts.

With a forthcoming national plan to reduce water loss set for June, Croatia is poised to lead not only in water abundance but also in sustainable and equitable water management, aligning with the European Drinking Water Directive and bolstering regional stability and environmental stewardship.

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