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Adex Merger Creates Central and Southeast Europe’s Largest Electricity Trading Hub

The integration of Slovenia's BSP, Serbia's SEEPEX, and Hungary's HUPX into the Adex group marks a significant leap in the consolidation of electricity trading services across Central and Southeastern Europe

This merger into Adex creates the region’s most liquid spot electricity trading hub, a strategic move aimed at fostering energy transition and unifying fragmented markets.

Adex, now the sole shareholder of BSP, HUPX, and SEEPEX, is set to enhance market participation efficiency through a unified service model. This Budapest-headquartered entity amalgamates the expertise of multiple companies, streamlining trading and clearing processes, thus promising greater accessibility and benefits to its members.

The move is not just a business consolidation but also a stride towards a pan-European market integration, suggesting a significant shift in the region’s energy landscape. With the backing of shareholders like MAVIR, ELES, EMS, and EPEX SPOT, Adex is well-positioned to lead in the energy sector’s evolution, embracing new partners in its expansion journey.

This development underscores the strategic importance of the energy sector in Central and Southeastern Europe’s economic landscape, reflecting a broader trend towards regional market integrations that can lead to more efficient and sustainable energy distribution.

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