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Osijek Unveils Europe’s Longest Promenade

Osijek, a city in Croatia, is nearing the completion of what will be the longest promenade in the region, connecting the historic Upper and Lower Towns

In a significant urban development, the Croatian city of Osijek is set to complete the longest promenade in this part of Europe, bridging the historic Upper and Lower Towns. 

The announcement came during World Water Day, with Osijek Mayor Ivan Radić and Željko Kovačević, Director of Water Management for the Danube and Lower Drava region, inspecting the ongoing works. The project, part of the “Development of the right bank of the Drava,” extends over 775 meters and is located at the site of the old Transshipment port.

The construction, progressing on schedule, is part of a broader €13 million initiative funded jointly by the City of Osijek and Croatian Waters. The newly developed section will feature extensive pedestrian and cycling paths, a tree-lined avenue, and enhanced urban amenities. 

Mayor Radić expressed the city’s anticipation of fulfilling a long-held dream, with plans to extend the development towards Retfala and Višnjevac, underpinned by secured financial and technical planning. 

Additionally, Osijek is nearing the completion of a €50 million wastewater treatment plant, marking a leap in the city’s infrastructure and environmental management.

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