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Global Leaders Unite to Boost Nuclear Energy Commitment

World leaders have endorsed a Nuclear Energy Declaration at a summit in Brussels, committing to enhance the role of nuclear power in global energy strategies and environmental sustainability

At the inaugural nuclear energy summit in Brussels, hosted by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Belgian government, world leaders and governmental representatives from nations utilizing or interested in nuclear energy have adopted a Nuclear Energy Declaration. 

This declaration commits over 30 participants to fully unlock the potential of nuclear energy, asserting its crucial role in global strategies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and advancing sustainable development and clean energy transition.

“Nuclear power plants are investments worth making, saving millions of lives from air pollution, offering some of the most cost-effective electricity. They’re key to a reliable, decarbonized energy supply,” said Rafael MarianoGrossi, Director General of the IAEA.

The declaration reaffirms the commitment to nuclear energy as a key component in the energy and industrial sectors for reducing emissions, enhancing energy security, and promoting sustainable long-term development. It highlights the concerted effort to support countries in developing civil nuclear capacities to transition from fossil fuels, aiming for a fair, orderly, and just process towards achieving net-zero emissions by mid-century. 

The summit emphasized the importance of international cooperation, safe management of nuclear waste, and the development of advanced reactors, including small modular ones, underlining the IAEA’s pivotal role in ensuring global nuclear safety and security standards.

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