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Cocoa Prices Outstrip Copper, Hit Historic €8,370 per Tonne

Cocoa prices have surged to a historic high, surpassing €8,370 per tonne, outpacing copper on the global commodities market

In an extraordinary market shift, cocoa prices soared above €8,370 per tonne on the New York Stock Exchange, surpassing copper in value for the first time in history. This increase, over €651 in just one day, continues the upward trend with cocoa futures rising for four consecutive days.

The price surge has been linked to financial difficulties in Ghana, the world’s second-largest cocoa producer, which is facing challenges in securing essential funding instruments. Due to a shortfall in cocoa production, the country might lose access to a crucial financing tool. Ghana’s Cocoa Board, or Cocobod, depends on international financing to pay cocoa farmers.

This month alone, cocoa prices have jumped by approximately 60%, with an annual doubling. Poor harvests, affected by adverse weather and crop diseases in West Africa, the principal cocoa-producing region, alongside a lack of production improvement elsewhere, have left the industry in a bind.

Experts anticipate that these market conditions will lead to an increase in chocolate prices globally throughout the year.

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