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Bosnia Greenlights Balkans’ Largest Solar Park in €50M Hungarian Investment

In Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina embarks on an ambitious journey with the construction of the Balkans' largest solar park, a €50 million venture by Hungarian Lugos Renewables, heralding a new era in renewable energy for the region

In a notable stride towards green energy in the Balkans, Marko Kubatlija, the interim chief of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Agency for the Improvement of Foreign Investment (FIPA), has convened with emissaries from “Lugos Renewables”, a Hungarian enterprise. This meeting was aimed at discussing the ambitious venture of erecting the largest solar park in the Balkans, stationed in Trebinje, with an investment surpassing the 50 million euros mark.

This venture marks a significant collaboration between the Hungarian entity and “Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske”, amalgamating into a joint holding. The focal point of this initiative is a solar power facility in Trebinje, boasting a capacity of 73 megawatts-peak, strategically located near the borders with Montenegro and Croatia. This phase is a continuation of a broader project blueprint, according to FIPA’s disclosures.

The project’s first leg, currently in motion, entails the construction of a substation and transmission infrastructure to accompany the solar facility, poised to amplify the complex’s capacity to a formidable 146 megawatts-peak of solar energy. This enhancement is set to crown it as the premier solar power installation in the Balkan territory, as per the latest figures, FIPA’s communique highlighted.

FIPA also spotlighted the project’s potential to catalyze job creation, spur regional economic growth, and foster environmental stewardship by augmenting the proportion of renewable energy in the overall energy matrix. Last year, “Lugos Renewables” secured majority stakes in the “Trebinje One” Solar Power Plant, following the Bosnia and Herzegovina Competition Council’s approval of the acquisition.

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