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Aegean Airlines Resumes Direct Athens-Sarajevo Flights After Five Years

Aegean Airlines, Greece's premier carrier, is set to resume its nonstop service linking Athens and Sarajevo, reconnecting the two cities after a five-year hiatus. 

Scheduled to start on 1 June, the service will operate twice a week. This reestablishment follows Aegean’s last direct flights between Athens and Sarajevo in 2019, which were suspended prior to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. Detailed flight information is available for reference.

In the previous year, Aegean launched a new route from Athens to Skopje, extending to Sarajevo, with the airline holding fifth freedom rights for the Skopje-Sarajevo leg. This arrangement, however, proved less convenient for Sarajevo-originating passengers traveling to Athens, as it entailed a lengthy wait of over six hours in Skopje. Despite this, Aegean plans to continue this service through the summer, improving the itinerary with a reduced layover time of three hours in Skopje for the outbound journey.

The reintroduction of the direct Athens-Sarajevo flight is part of Aegean Airlines’ broader strategy to strengthen its regional presence and offer more efficient travel options to its passengers. This direct route is anticipated to enhance business and tourism links between Greece and Bosnia and Herzegovina, providing a more convenient and time-efficient travel alternative. Additionally, this service reinstatement reflects a gradual recovery and growth in the aviation sector, as airlines expand their networks post-pandemic, meeting the growing demand for direct and seamless air travel connections.

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