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Ericsson Nikola Tesla Inks €15 Million Deal with Kosovo Telecom for 5G Integration

Ericsson Nikola Tesla, a Croatian telecommunications equipment producer, has announced a pivotal multi-year contract valued at 15 million euros with Kosovo Telecom, a state-operated entity. 

This significant agreement marks the introduction of Ericsson’s cutting-edge 5G technology into the radio component of Kosovo Telecom’s network.

This agreement is a key step in Kosovo Telecom’s comprehensive strategy to modernize its Vala mobile network, comprising 400 base stations. Kosovo Telecom’s CEO, Burbuqe Hana, shared her enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting its transformative impact on Kosovo’s telecommunications landscape. She commented, “This collaboration is not just about providing our users with the latest technological advancements; it’s about granting the entire Kosovo population access to superior services and enabling local businesses to explore new growth avenues.”

The integration of Ericsson’s 5G solutions into Kosovo Telecom’s infrastructure is poised to overhaul the region’s telecommunications framework. With 5G implementation, Kosovo Telecom is set to boost connectivity, offering its customer base enhanced network performance, faster data transmission, reduced latency, and greater capacity. This move is in line with the global shift towards expanding 5G networks, which are essential for seamless connectivity and innovation across various industries, including healthcare, transport, and manufacturing.

Following the disclosure of this partnership, Ericsson Nikola Tesla experienced a positive market reaction, with its stock climbing 0.96% to 211 euros on the Zagreb Stock Exchange by 1400 local time on Friday.

The combination of Ericsson Nikola Tesla’s technological prowess and Kosovo Telecom’s dedication to network modernization heralds a new era of advanced connectivity and technological growth in Kosovo. This partnership, amid the global acceleration in 5G network deployment, places Kosovo Telecom at the vanguard of the telecommunications sector’s technological evolution.

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