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Health Tourism Boosts Visitor Numbers

This former Yugoslav republic on the Adriatic coast encompasses an area of 13,812km² and has a population of 619,200. Its GDP stands at 5.861 billion USD (2021), equating to 9,152 USD per capita. Montenegro has been a formal EU membership candidate country since June 2006 and a NATO member since June 2007.

The country’s president is Jakov Milatović, a member of the ‘Europe Now!’ party, while since October 2023 the prime minister has been Milojko Spajić, also a member of the ‘Europe Now!’ party.

The country’s economy is based predominantly on services, with tourism – as the dominant service sector – having a major indirect impact on agriculture, trade, construction, transport, culture, crafts and entertainment.

As an extremely attractive tourist destination, Montenegro has solid foundations to develop health tourism, which would contribute significantly to improving the country’s economic prosperity. This is confirmed by the experiences of countries with highly developed tourism, where healthcare services represent an integral part of the tourist offer. The number of guests visiting Montenegro could increase thanks to its wealth of spas

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