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Preserved Nature Could Entice Tourists

The Republic of North Macedonia covers an area of 25,713km² and has a population of 2.065 million. Its GDP totals 13.83 billion USD or 6,694.64 USD per capita. North Macedonia has been an EU membership candidate country since 2005, though it is still awaiting the launch of accession negotiations.

Its road to EU membership was initially blocked by Greece due to a dispute over the country’s name, while it is now being obstructed by Bulgaria, which has vetoed the launch of accession negotiations on several occasions since 2019.

The president of North Macedonia is Stevo Pendarovski of the Social Democratic Union of Macedonia, while the government is headed by Prime Minister Dmitar Kovačevski, who is a member of the same party. The North Macedonian economy is not well-developed and is largely based on the food and tobacco industries, as well as iron and steel production.

Despite being landlocked, North Macedonia has excellent tourism potential thanks to its mountains and preserved nature, as well as three national parks. Representing a kind of capital of the country’s tourism is the city of Ohrid, which could host even more tourists annually despite being under UNSECO protection. This city is famous for its lake, which boasts several beaches and is surrounded by numerous historical monuments. Although this country has excellent conditions for rural tourism, it has yet to be developed sufficiently and represents a major

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