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Montenegro Caps Wholesale and Retail Margins on Essential Goods to Curb Price Rises

To alleviate financial pressures, Montenegro has imposed a cap on trade margins for essential food and hygiene products, spanning from five to fifteen percent, across wholesale and retail sectors

In a decisive move to stabilize the cost of living, the Montenegrin government has announced a significant intervention in the pricing of essential goods, including basic food items and hygiene products. According to a report by Vijesti, trade margins for wholesale and retail sectors will now be limited to a range between five to fifteen percent for a wide array of essential commodities.

This new pricing regulation comes as part of amendments to the decision on temporary measures for limiting the prices of products deemed crucial for human life and health, as well as an updated list of such products. The initiative, spearheaded by the Ministry of Economic Development under the leadership of Minister Nik Đeljošaj, aims to provide comprehensive relief to consumers across the board.

The policy is not limited to specific items within a product category but extends to all items within the designated essential categories. For instance, the margin cap on “chicken meat” encompasses all chicken-related products such as whole chickens, thighs, breasts, and wings. This ensures that the regulation covers hundreds of product categories in major retail chains, providing broad-based relief to consumers.

This strategic move reflects the government’s commitment to safeguarding the purchasing power of its citizens and mitigating the impact of price escalations on essential goods, ensuring that basic needs remain accessible to all segments of the population amidst economic challenges.

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