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EU Launches Artificial Intelligence Office to Steer and Safeguard AI Development

The European Union has officially launched its Artificial Intelligence Office, a new entity aimed at overseeing AI legislation enforcement, identifying risks, and promoting ethical AI use across the bloc

In a landmark initiative, the European Union has established the Artificial Intelligence Office, a pivotal entity tasked with the oversight of AI legislation enforcement, risk assessment, and the promotion of trustworthy AI applications. This move underscores the EU’s commitment to becoming a global frontrunner in the ethical and responsible development of artificial intelligence technologies.

The newly minted office, nestled within the European Commission, is set to become a beacon of AI expertise across the member states, playing a critical role in the implementation of the AI Act, particularly concerning general-purpose AI. “The European AI Office will act as a central hub of AI expertise within the EU. It will play a vital role in enforcing the AI Act, especially for general-purpose artificial intelligence, and will promote the development and usage of trustworthy AI along with fostering international cooperation,” the European Commission announced.

Beyond regulatory enforcement, the office is charged with enhancing policies and measures to harness the societal and economic benefits of AI across the Union. It will offer guidance on best practices and stimulate the creation of innovative ecosystems for reliable AI, aiming to boost the EU’s competitiveness and economic growth.

According to the European Commission, the AI Office is a cornerstone of a unified European approach to artificial intelligence governance. It will collaborate closely with member states, the broader expert community, and ensure a strategic, coherent, and effective European stance on AI at the international level. The office is expected to emerge as a global point of reference in the field, setting standards for the responsible and ethical use of artificial intelligence worldwide.

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