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Piran’s Maritime Museum Celebrates 70 Years 

Marking its 70th milestone, the Sergej Mašera Maritime Museum in Piran, Slovenia, has unveiled a refreshed exhibit within the historic Gabrielli Palace, spotlighting the intricate tapestry of the region's fishing and fish processing heritage, alongside participating in sailing regattas to commemorate this special anniversary

Celebrating its 70th anniversary, the Sergej Mašera Maritime Museum in Piran has revitalized its key exhibition at the historic Gabrielli Palace, casting a spotlight on the evolution of fishing and fish processing from the mid-19th century through to the 1990s—a period marked by significant upheaval in Slovenia’s marine fisheries. This year’s festivities will also see the museum’s involvement in various sailing regattas.

Curator Nadja Terčon emphasized that while the museum maintains a separate fishing exhibit in Izola, the refreshed Piran display zeroes in on the local heritage, showcasing an array of fishing vessels, gear, and photographic documentation.

Noteworthy are the 18th-century French encyclopedic illustrations, providing a glimpse into historic European fishing methods.

A key aspect of the exhibit is the homage to the female workforce in fish canneries, reflecting on their integral role in the industry. This update aims to rekindle interest in the fishing sector, which has seen a decline as a significant livelihood source.

Mitja Bricelj, chair of the Barcelona Convention for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea, in his statement for the exhibit’s launch on February 20th, underscored the stark downturn in Slovenia’s fishing yields, which have plummeted to merely 1% of the volumes recorded in 1990, highlighting the challenges facing the industry.

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