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David McAllister, MEP

Are Things Different This Time?

Cover Interview

David McAllister, MEP

Are Things Different This Time?

David McAllister, MEP

Are Things Different This Time?

The European Union must signal consistently that more Western Balkan countries should become member states, while being unequivocal in insisting on all enlargement criteria With David McAllister having secured another term in the European Parliament, we took the opportunity to interview him about the elections’ impact on the Western Balkans’ prospects of accelerating its EU...

Elections 2024

2024 Election Fever as World Shifts Elections

As 2024 unfolds, the world reflects on a series of pivotal elections that have reshaped, and will continue to reshape, global political dynamics On the evening of 9th June, the results of the European Parliament elections were finally revealed. Despite some national successes, the European far-right did not achieve a sweeping victory and will remain distant from executive power in Brussels. Nevertheless, they will influence many...

Etienne Thobois, Paris 2024 CEO

Olympics Legacy: Paris 2024 Vision


Etienne Thobois, Paris 2024 CEO

Olympics Legacy: Paris 2024 Vision

As Paris gears up to host the 2024 Summer Olympics, Paris 2024 CEO Etienne Thobois sheds light on the ambitious plans and innovative strategies designed to make these Games a benchmark for sustainability, inclusivity, and community impact Much has already been written about the...

Etienne Thobois, Paris 2024 CEO

Olympics Legacy: Paris 2024 Vision


Let’s Celebrate Opportunities

One of the articles in this edition of Connecting the Region, devoted to demystifying our region’s water resources, discusses the opportunities and challenges we face as “a glass of water that’s half full and half empty”. Although this expression might be overused, it will likely resonate with all readers as they explore the interviews and analytical articles that we’ve compiled. Political outcomes at the EU...

Regional market opportunities

Danijela Fišakov, President, Slovenian Business Club (SPK) in Serbia

Navigating Opportunities in Serbia

What specific sectors or industries in Serbia do you see as most promising for Slovenian businesses, and why? ― Serbia has long moved past being perceived only as a source of raw materials and cheap labour, with significant developments in its industry- changing...

Jure Peljhan, Slovenian Association of Businesspeople BiH

Unlocking Opportunities in BiH

What specific sectors or industries in BiH do you see as most promising for Slovenian businesses, and why? ― Several sectors in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) present opportunities for Slovenian enterprises to leverage their existing expertise. The energy sector offers potential for collaboration...

Vojdan Jordanov, Chairman Of The Board Of The Association Of Slovenian & Macedonian Businesspeople

Promising Sectors for Slovenian Businesses

What specific sectors or industries in Macedonia do you see as most promising for Slovenian businesses, and why? The Macedonian economy is quite diverse and offers promising opportunities in multiple sectors. In the last couple of years, the most significant investments and growth were...


By Geri Kolgega, Journalist

Albania: New Tax Impact

By Adriano Milovan, Journalist

Croatia: 2024 Sets Record Budget

By Novica Mihajlović, Journalist

Slovenia: Rising Excise Duties Contribute to Inflation

By Nataša Damnjanović, Jurnalist

Serbia: Profiting on Petroleum

Bussines Pulse

Jelena Doderović, Marketing and Communications Director, Idea CG

Inside Idea-CG’s Market Leadership

Živko Mukaetov, CEO/MB President of Alkaloid AD Skopje

Our Brands are Part of People’s Lives

Ananas E-Commerce

Rapid Growth Continuing

Liliana Lapadatoni- Huluta, CEO, Marsh McLennan Adria

Clients Always Deserve the Best!

Branko Torbica, Elnos Group Vice President

Changing the Green Game

Mark Harrison, Founder & Principal, Harrisons

Understanding Client Objectives is Key

Ostoja Mijailović, President of OMR Group

E-mobility at the Core of Business

Rade Samčević, Founder and Director, HT Agency

Achieving European Quality

Aleksandra Đurđević, Delta Auto Group General Manager & Vice President of Delta Holding

Delta Auto Leads the Shift to Electric Luxury

Jorge Araya, BAT SEE Area Director

BAT’s Business Transformation Success in Serbia

Maud Truchi, Founder and CEO Maslina

Raising Luxury Travel Standards

Dina Serdarušić, COO, Eurovilla Luxury Real Estate Agency

Eurovilla’s Path to Real Estate Success

Prokopije Perić, CEO, Plus d.o.o. Podgorica

First Place is Not Relinquished

Luxury Tourism

Refined Luxuries

Luxury Travel Beyond the Ordinary

Luxury tourism epitomises the pinnacle of travel experiences, characterised by unparalleled indulgence, exclusivity and sophistication. It caters to discerning travellers who seek uniquely tailored experiences that offer the highest levels of comfort, privacy, and personalised service. This sector of the tourism industry has evolved...


Leading Industries in the Adria Region

The Adria region boasts a diverse and dynamic economic landscape, with certain sectors standing out for their development and impact across multiple countries The Adria region, a vibrant economic powerhouse, has emerged as...