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Raising Luxury Travel Standards

Maslina, the latest 5-star luxury resort on Croatia’s sunniest island of Hvar, with its impressive design and amenities, undoubtedly provides true indulgence for its guests

Maud Truchi is an entrepreneur who has merged her experiences in banking, luxury goods, wine, investments and tourism to create the five-star Maslina Resort, thus realising her childhood dream. She combines the needs of today’s high-end travellevers with sustainability and elevates luxury travel standards. In this interview, she announces the resort’s expansion with new villas and residences.

Throughout your diverse and dynamic career, spanning banking, luxury, wine, investments, and tourism, what key personal characteristic has helped you succeed?

― Thanks to this diversity in all my experiences, I have come to believe that honesty, hard work and truthfulness, in who you are and what you wish to achieve and accomplish, represent the foundation of a successful career.

Life is a constant learning curve and it is crucial not to lose sight of your goals. We sometimes lack a precise idea. However, experiences, encounters and opportunities will present themselves, and it is our responsibility to grab them in order to grow.

On the more technical aspect of my career, finance has been the base of my endeavours. With a financial background, you learn how to understand and manage a company, which is the foundation of any dream or project. Always remain open-minded, because there is nothing you cannot do if you put your mind to it!

Building a strong team to stand by your side is the key to success. Be gentle in what you do and how you treat people, but firm and true in how you do it

Attention to detail and precise and meticulous work will always pay off. I believe that there is no point in doing something if you don’t do it to perfection.

I would also add that you shouldn’t rush into any project before having enough experience in different companies. Learn first, because it is better to know how to swim before you dive in. The currents are strong enough, and you need to be prepared! Building a strong team to stand by your side is the key to success. Be gentle in what you do and how you treat people, but firm and true in how you do it.

Could you elaborate on how your extensive background in luxury goods has shaped the development of Maslina, the prestigious five-star resort on the Island of Hvar that’s the jewel in the crown of Croatian tourism?

― Thank you for this compliment! All of my life, I have travelled the world, and during my years in private banking, I met very successful entrepreneurs. Thanks to my experience in the wine industry, I encountered the most prestigious winemakers and owners. It then made perfect sense to align this high-end expertise and bring Maslina to life. I am also extremely concerned about waste management and my legacy, which pushed me to focus on the high-end sector and align it with a more sustainable way of living.

At Maslina, I endeavoured to develop an environment based on fairness, honesty, respect and luxury, with a team that is skilled, creative, authentic and international.

Maslina Resort attracts successful individuals who demand the best. Besides the service provided, what makes a destination outstanding – is it natural beauty, authenticity, people or cultural heritage?

― It is all of the above. Today’s travellers view impressive design and amenities as a given. They are searching for meaning through experiences that broaden their horizons and open their minds. Attention to detail, amazing customised services and the use of top quality, solid and raw materials totally change the feel of a place. The true authenticity of Maslina’s location provides a special undefinable vibe that forces you to let go.

Everything at Maslina Resort falls under ‘Mindful Luxury’, a more intimate, honest and transparent guest experience based on respect – of everything from the destination to the local culture and people. It is about what becomes of our legacy when we return to dust.

Realising your dream of building a luxury resort on an island sets you apart. How important was self-belief to your success?

― I actually only realised that this was a childhood dream after building it! Which is quite funny. My mother brought this up during a dinner and I had a flashback. How your subconscious mind guides you. One thing is certain — self-belief and personal conviction are essential to bypassing all the set standards and boxes in which people live.

Throughout your global career, people everywhere have trusted and followed you. Do you believe leaders are born, or do leadership skills develop with experience?

― I don’t believe people followed me everywhere; I wouldn’t be that pretentious! What is most important is to have a vision, to be able to share that vision with your team and lead them to success. This is the path to becoming a leader.

At Maslina, I endeavoured to develop an environment based on fairness, honesty, respect and luxury, with a team that is skilled, creative, authentic and international

There’s probably a predisposition that helps, but leading is hard work. It requires a lot of analysing, researching, studying and questioning if you are making the right decisions. Empathy is greatly needed and I believe that one cannot lead without it. A leader leads by example. They are the one who sets and shows the example, and I believe that is how people will want to follow. They are not forced. There is a crucial difference. My father is a great leader and he showed me the way throughout my childhood. It definitely helps!

As someone who thrives on setting ambitious goals, what can we expect to see as your next professional steps? Are there any exciting ventures on the horizon in Croatia or around the region?

― We are expanding with additional villas and residences to be sold under the Maslina brand. We are also creating hilltop suites embedded in nature and a Maslina Outback ranch by the Cetina River! For more details on the next chapter of our story, visit – and for the rest, stay tuned!

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