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Navigating Opportunities in Serbia

Danijela Fišakov, President, Slovenian Business Club (SPK) in Serbia

What specific sectors or industries in Serbia do you see as most promising for Slovenian businesses, and why?

― Serbia has long moved past being perceived only as a source of raw materials and cheap labour, with significant developments in its industry- changing Slovenian business interests. The IT sector in Serbia is particularly noteworthy, offering vast potential for collaborative technology projects. Equally promising is the automotive industry, where Serbia boasts a strong tradition and proximity to key European markets.

Its fertile land and favourable agricultural conditions continue to attract investment in agricultural production and food processing. Having recently focused on renewables and energy efficiency, Serbia has provided opportunities for Slovenian firms to become involved in green technologies. We must not forget the robust construction and infrastructure activities or the burgeoning tourism and hospitality market, which also present significant opportunities.

What unique advantages does Serbia offer Slovenian businesses, and how can they best leverage these advantages to succeed?

― Strong historical ties, geographical proximity and mutual cultural understanding have always facilitated business relations between Serbia and Slovenia. Mutual geographical proximity offers an equal advantage in accessing Western and Eastern Europe. Serbia remains cost-competitive and also benefits from a wealth of qualified professionals. The Serbian government actively encourages foreign investments, offers significant incentives and is engaged in the intensive development of infrastructure projects. Potential Slovenian investors can benefit significantly through strategic partnerships with Serbian companies and a local presence on the Serbian market. Adapting to this dynamic and expansive market, Slovenian companies can optimally utilise all the potentials and advantages that the Serbian market offers.

Serbia Shines

Serbia is now noted for its booming IT and automotive sectors, making it a hotbed for collaborative technology projects and investments.

Green Gains

Recently focused on renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, Serbia has opened up opportunities for Slovenian firms in green technologies.

Competitive Edge

Serbia remains costcompetitive and also benefits from a wealth of qualified professionals

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