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What Are the Top Opportunities for Slovenians?

Regional Market Opportunities

Slovenian businesses are making waves in the Adria Region, skilfully navigating unique market advantages to seize lucrative opportunities in renewable energy, infrastructure, automotive, ICT and tourism

Our insightful interlocutors shed light on the most promising sectors for Slovenian enterprises in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, and North Macedonia.

They delve into the unique advantages of these markets, including geographical proximity, cultural ties, and favourable economic conditions, which Slovenian businesses are adeptly leveraging to thrive. This piece unveils the dynamic potential and strategic opportunities that await Slovenian companies in these vibrant and evolving markets, capturing the essence of a region ripe with possibilities for ambitious enterprises.

In this comprehensive exploration, we engage with three prominent figures at the helm of Slovenian business associations in the region:

Danijela Fišakov, President of the Slovenian Business Club (SPK) in Serbia; Jure Peljhan, Chairman of the Board of the Slovenian Association of Businesspeople BiH and Member of the Management Board of NLB Bank Sarajevo; and Vojdan Jordanov, Chairman of the Board of the Association of Slovenian and Macedonian Businesspeople and Executive Director at Triglav Insurance JSC Skopje.

We asked them about the specific sectors or industries that hold the most promise for Slovenian businesses in their respective countries—North Macedonia, Serbia, and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Additionally, they shared insights into the unique advantages these countries offer Slovenian businesses, from geographical and cultural ties to economic incentives, painting a compelling picture of the opportunities and potential for growth in the Adria Region.

Danijela Fišakov, President, Slovenian Business Club (SPK) in Serbia

Navigating Opportunities in Serbia

What specific sectors or industries in Serbia do you see as most promising for Slovenian businesses, and why? ― Serbia has long moved past being perceived only as a source of raw materials and cheap labour, with significant developments in its industry- changing Slovenian business interests. The IT sector in Serbia is particularly noteworthy, offering vast potential for collaborative technology projects. Equally promising is the...

Jure Peljhan, Slovenian Association of Businesspeople BiH

Unlocking Opportunities in BiH

What specific sectors or industries in BiH do you see as most promising for Slovenian businesses, and why? ― Several sectors in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) present opportunities for Slovenian enterprises to leverage their existing expertise. The energy sector offers potential for collaboration in renewable energy projects, particularly in hydropower, wind and solar, areas where Slovenia has significant experience. BiH’s transportation infrastructure modernisation—including roads, bridges,...

Vojdan Jordanov, Chairman Of The Board Of The Association Of Slovenian & Macedonian Businesspeople

Promising Sectors for Slovenian Businesses

What specific sectors or industries in Macedonia do you see as most promising for Slovenian businesses, and why? The Macedonian economy is quite diverse and offers promising opportunities in multiple sectors. In the last couple of years, the most significant investments and growth were seen in the ICT, Automotive components, Energy, Wine, Agriculture, Food processing, Textile, and Pharmaceutical sectors, among others. These industries provide excellent investment...