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Delta Auto Leads the Shift to Electric Luxury

Over its 28-year journey, Delta Auto Group has risen to meet the ever-changing demands of the automotive industry. Guided by Aleksandra Đurđević’s leadership over the past 16 years, the company has not just adapted but thrived, expanding its footprint and embracing cuttingedge technologies

A deep commitment to innovation and strategic growth has marked Aleksandra Đurđević’s tenure at Delta Auto. Since joining the company, she has been pivotal in shaping its direction, transforming traditional business approaches with a sharp focus on emerging technologies and market trends.

In our exclusive interview, she delves into the intricacies of managing and expanding a leading automotive company, discusses the evolution of car brands under her leadership, explores the impact of new technological advancements, and outlines her ambitious plans for regional expansion and pushing the company’s operational boundaries, exciting us about Delta Auto’s future growth.

Delta Auto Group, a member of Delta Holding—one of the leading business systems in the region—began as a general distributor for the Fiat Group in 1996. What does the company import today?

― I often emphasise that cars are almost the most complex consumer product, and the industry itself is very dynamic, with shifts in power and new players emerging. I came to Delta Auto 16 years ago and learned much about the automotive sector and the commercial programme through the Fiat, Alfa, and Lancia brands. Working with the brand Honda, considered a pride of Japan and a synonym for reliable cars, I learned about the strength and promise that brands provide. However, today, BMW is the leading brand in our portfolio, as one of the most influential in the automotive industry, dictating trends and creating innovations. I’ve learned much about the BMW brand’s business, clients, service, quality, and excellence.

Our portfolio today includes BMW, BMW Motorrad, MINI, Honda, Maserati and KTM brands

Our portfolio today includes BMW, MINI, Honda, Maserati, and motorcycle brands BMW Motorrad, Honda, and KTM. Within our group, we also operate Delta Used Cars, Delta Rent Services, and Delta MC, which distributes tyres and oils.

As pioneers who introduced electric vehicles to Serbia, you champion innovation, electrification, and social responsibility. How has the market responded?

― Seven years ago, we negotiated with BMW to sign a contract for BMWi, a sub-brand of fully electric vehicles. However, our market was not ready for electric cars then, and BMW believed the minimum conditions were unmet.

After a serious trade fair presence at the international car show in Belgrade, we succeeded in our intention. Although challenging, we were pleased to change the environment along with a few other market players. The Serbian Association of Importers is working to improve the ecosystem for electrified vehicles.

As the president of the Association, I am directly engaged in key activities in this regard. State subsidies for electric vehicles exist, and the infrastructure is developing. It is necessary to bring our market closer to how far Europe has advanced and that only such vehicles will be sold in the future. The world has taken a clear direction: zero emissions by 2035. There is a significant growing interest in our market, but there is still much work to be done in order to expect serious shifts.

Your success is evident in both business outcomes and your skilled team. How proud are you of your professionals who continually redefine the automotive industry?

― Results are inevitable when the team is good, satisfied, motivated, relationships healthy, and we have clear goals. Dealing with people is the priority of every manager. With new technologies, products, businesses, and innovations, there is no end to education, training, and broadening horizons. It seems that the dynamics in this regard will become even more intense in accordance with the changes we are experiencing.

The brands we represent are inspiring, from where beautiful driving energy is created. For Delta Auto and the whole of Delta, it is known that business is conducted with passion, and we are sports-minded. We have excellent relationships with foreign partners, and not only do we learn from them, but they also learn from us. We first tested many new concepts in our market, pushing boundaries.

Does your commitment to pushing boundaries encompass your exclusive contract with Maserati from Modena for the import and distribution of their vehicles across the Balkans?

― Definitely. Maserati is a brand for people with refined taste and falls within the luxury segment, which, at the time we signed the contract for our market, was still not at the level of more developed countries. The partnership with Maserati is a big deal, as they are a very selective partner who comes to the market carefully and waits years for the right moment. This represents a great responsibility for us, as we must meet the strictest standards of the manufacturer from Modena.

Delta is investing in various real estate areas with a plan to introduce luxury hotel chains

Judging by the initial results, I can say the decision was excellent. We have also started activities to open representations in Croatia and Slovenia and are confident that these markets are confident that these markets will show equally great interest. I am particularly pleased that we recently opened the only official Maserati representation in the region in Belgrade, which meets the highest standards, placing our capital on par with the world’s largest metropolises. This showroom represents the completion of the first phase of Delta Auto Group’s ambitious project to build the largest multi-brand auto-moto dealership in Serbia, covering nearly 17,000 square meters.

As Managing Director of Delta Auto Group and Vice President of Delta Holding, could you share your regional expansion plans?

― Delta is a company that has created many businesses and brands, raised them to a high level, and then sold them to leading European companies. These brands and businesses continue to lead in the banking, insurance, and retail segments. Today, Delta continues to grow in the country and region in distribution, with cars, agribusiness, food production, e-commerce, and primarily real estate.

The most ambitious plans, apart from a greatly modernised agriculture, are investments in real estate. Delta is entering a strong cycle of investing in various areas of real estate, amounting to over 900 million euros by 2027. The segment to be developed is premium and luxurious, bringing a luxury hotel chain and luxurious residential-commercial concepts to the market.

The opening of the Sava Centre has completely changed the environment for regional congress tourism. With the opening of the Blue Hall in September, we can say that we have placed Serbia on the map of attractive congress destinations in Europe. Also, the regional e-commerce business, Ananas, is planned to expand further.

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