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A Pillar of Regional Business Success and Sustainable Operations

Nelt Group stands as an exemplary business system that has successfully navigated various challenges for three decades, adapting to market trends, client demands, and employee needs

Nelt Group is one of the most successful regional groups in the logistics and distribution of consumer goods, tobacco, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic products. Its remarkable results are achieved not only by its manufacturing operations—Baby Food Factory and Neoplanta—but also by its dedicated employees.

Nelt Group is committed to accelerating transformation, digitalising operations, and, most importantly, educating and developing our employees, who are integral to our success.


As an international group, Nelt employs 5,500 people across 18 companies in 12 markets in Europe and Africa. With over 90 sales principals and more than 100 logistics clients, the company is distinguished by its business approach based on ethical and responsible principles of sustainable growth. Clients recognise Nelt as a partner ready to adapt to their specific needs and market demands. Through digitalised processes, cost reduction, and transparency, Nelt aims to optimise operations to maximise efficiency for its clients.


CEO Darko Lukić highlights the company’s empowerment through the success of the “Accelerate 2025” strategy and its ongoing transformation based on a healthy organisational foundation, investments in digital innovations aimed at process optimisation and greater efficiency, and the development of the Adria and African markets.

Lukić emphasises the importance of long-term partnerships with leading global companies from various industries, demonstrating the ability to adapt to the specific demands of different markets. He also notes significant investments in process automation (RPA – Robotic Process Automation and digital document exchange), Power BI reporting automation, and advanced analytics (software solutions and algorithms for route optimisation).


In 2023, Nelt Group achieved a consolidated turnover of €1.3 billion and double-digit revenue growth across all markets. The company focused on new partnerships, the development of intermodal transport, and the regional expansion of the pharmaceutical business through an existing and new principal portfolio.

A new intermodal terminal was opened in Kruševac, significantly enhancing the region’s logistics infrastructure and expanding Nelt’s logistics service portfolio. The development plan for this segment includes establishing regular rail services with regional ports and logistics hubs in the EU and Turkey.


Nelt Group strongly emphasises employee education and development. Continuous investment in employees is central to Nelt’s corporate culture. The company aims to strengthen its team’s capabilities and improve the working environment through various training programs, workshops, and mentorship. In 2023, Nelt invested €5 million in additional salaries and added 265 new colleagues to its workforce.

The company has adopted and consistently implemented ESG practices and standards, putting them into action through digitalisation, new technologies, and other initiatives that positively impact the climate and environment. Examples include installing 11GW of solar panels and planting 100,000 Black Pine saplings in Montenegro and honey plants in Bosnia and Herzegovina in collaboration with the principal company Mondelez.

Strategy and Innovation

CEO Darko Lukić notes that the company is strengthened by the success of the “Accelerate 2025” strategy and continues its transformation based on a healthy organisation, investments in digital innovations aimed at process optimisation and greater efficiency, and the development of the Adria and African markets.


Beyond its business engagements, Nelt Group is notable for its contributions to the community through activities promoting sustainable development and environmental protection. The partnership with UNICEF, which involves a $1.3 million investment over three years, focuses on improving education systems and developing digital and green skills among children in Serbia, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Angola.

In Serbia, this collaboration will benefit 15,000 children from 30 schools by enhancing their digital skills, which is essential for future success. In North Macedonia, 500 students will gain valuable experience to improve their employability, while more than 8,100 students will acquire “green” skills crucial for sustainable development. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, over 5,000 students will develop key 21st-century skills, preparing them for future challenges and opportunities.

This strategic partnership not only confirms Nelt Group’s commitment to social responsibility but also its capacity to address global challenges such as youth unemployment and the need for modernising education systems. By combining resources and expertise, Nelt Group and UNICEF are together laying the foundation for a better future for the next generations, creating stronger and more resilient societies through empowering children and youth with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the 21st century and beyond.

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