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Eurovilla’s Path to Real Estate Success

Eurovilla’s rise to the top of Zagreb’s real estate market is a testament to ambitious goals, personalised client service, and continuous improvement, says COO Dina Serdarušić

In an insightful interview, Dina Serdarušić, COO of Eurovilla Luxury Real Estate Agency, shares the company’s journey from a small family business in 2002 to becoming Zagreb’s leading real estate agency. She discusses the importance of setting ambitious goals, personalising client interactions, and continuously improving services to maintain their top position.

Did success come gradually, step by step, and are you extremely proud of everything you have achieved?

― I believe that no success comes overnight and that if you want to achieve something of quality and value, you must work hard and not give up. Also, achieving one goal does not exclude setting new, more ambitious, and larger goals, and I think that quality companies with vision must keep this in mind.

Is a personal approach, listening to clients’ needs and wishes, key to finding the perfect property? How does this philosophy, backed by 80 experts and 20,000 satisfied customers, drive Eurovilla’s success?

― At Eurovilla, we are firm believers in the power of a personal approach. We understand that every client is an individual with unique preferences, wishes, and requirements. This understanding and our maximum focus on and adaptation to these desires are key to Eurovilla’s success. We strive to find the best possible properties for our clients, and our track record of satisfied customers is a testament to this.

In our team of 80 experts, no two people are alike, and that is precisely why we have such a high-quality working atmosphere

We also practice a personal approach when selecting our agents. I like to say that in our team of 80 experts, no two people are alike, and that is precisely why we have such a high-quality working atmosphere.

Despite being Zagreb’s top real estate agency, Eurovilla constantly strives to enhance services, operations, and team development. Do you always focus on future improvements?

― Setting new and more ambitious goals is always a plus for a serious company that wants to grow exponentially. I believe that our way of implementing new and more modern working methods sets us apart as one of the best real estate agencies in the region.

We regularly follow the latest technological achievements, conferences, education, and news in the world of real estate and advertising. We maintain a high level of digitalisation in our operations (website, administration, connectivity) and follow trends in social media, where we are extremely active (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn). I am a great supporter of the saying “Knowledge is power” and often organise training for our agents and lawyers, as well as many conferences related to the real estate business.

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