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E-mobility at the Core of Business

OMR Group comprises 16 companies with over 1,200 employees, integrated through several segments: OMR Automotive; OMR Finance & Insurance; OMR Leasing; and OMR Luxury & Lifestyle

Ostoja Mijailović launched his own business at the age of just 22 and today owns a system of companies that operate successfully in Serbia and around the region. Drawing on his extensive experience, he explains in this interview how to provide clients with a top-quality service and products by maintaining a professional and sustainable approach in every business segment.

How would you describe OMR Group’s development path?

― OMR Group was established two decades ago on entrepreneurial foundations. My love and interest in cars prompted me to open my first car service, followed by a company that sold used cars. British Motors is today the exclusive distributor for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. Our Crossroad Adria company represents Stellantis (FCA), while we also represent Isuzu, Subaru and Kawasaki. Partnerships with international companies have given us the knowledge and credibility to grow in the right direction. Although we have an organised corporate management model, we are among the few companies that still have an entrepreneurial spirit at their core.

OMR Holding has developed a business system focused on different but connected aspects of several industries. How does this work?

― An important aspect of OMR Group’s operations is integrating all our services and businesses. In this sense, fleet management leasing companies also operate within our system. Globos Insurance has been operating for 30 years and has the best results in resolving auto insurance claims promptly. We have long since recognised the luxury business as a significant driver of a given market’s overall economic environment.

We offer a “complete solution” for electric vehicles – purchase, service, insurance, chargers, and the E-drive app, which monitors all of these elements

This has long been not just a matter of prestige around the world, but also one of the most significant elements of market development. Within the OMR Luxury Store, we present prestigious car models to the market: Ferrari and other limited models from all major brands. OMR Premium Yachting, the exclusive representative of Azimut Benetti vessels for this region, also operates in this segment.

How do you view e-mobility and sustainable business?

― E-mobility has long been at the core of our business. The market is still sceptical, so OMR Group also works to educate the public. We offer a “complete solution” for electric vehicles – purchase, service, insurance, chargers, and the E-drive app, which monitors all of these elements. This trend also aligns with our strategy to focus on sustainable business. In addition to the numerous socially responsible projects we’ve worked on to date, we are currently developing a CSR strategy. Business is today inseparable from the community, and it is necessary to improve our living, business, and social environments. We are also working on ESG principles, which will soon be adopted and implemented. Only professional and careful planning, dedicated work and sustainable operations can survive in modern business. OMR Group, and I personally, are guided by these principles.

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