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Teamwork Forms The Essence Of Succes

Militzer & Münch is a company that has become synonymous with high-quality logistics thanks to it being client-oriented and focused on building longterm partnerships. Listening to the needs of clients, adapting services to their requirements and maintaining constant communication has enabled the forming of bonds of trust

Key to the company’s growth have been the people whose knowledge and experience have contributed to the its rapid expansion. They are currently focused on expanding operations to Albania and North Macedonia, which will contribute to strengthening Militzer & Münch’s leadership position in the logistics sector of Southeast Europe.

Your company has managed to become a synonym for high-quality logistics in just four years of operations? How did you gain the trust of clients?

― We had a good leader from the outset, my father Dragan Simović, who transferred to the entire team his many years of experience, unique vision and positive energy.

Investing in new premises and technology, and expanding the portfolio of services, enabled the company to satisfy growing demand and create a high-quality logistics offer, and then – thanks to our seriousness, preparedness and expertise – we managed to gain the trust of a large number of clients.

With around 300 employees, M&M is proud of the strength of its team, which – as you yourself say – forms the essence of success?

― Our commitment to maintaining high standards is the key characteristic of our team. A dynamic business environment requires an ability to adapt, and M&M’s team is able to respond quickly to change. Also reflecting our team spirit is our strong commitment to clients, and the energy that you can feel as soon as you enter our premises. Transparent communication within the team and with the management, as well as constant education, enables effective problem-solving and the achieving of common objectives.

M&M doesn’t only follow industry standards, but rather exceeds them, and that includes the use of modern information systems, tracking and inventory management technology, and process automation

Our plans for 2024 place an emphasis on expanding our presence around the region. The opening of branches in Albania and North Macedonia is a strategic move aimed at expanding the availability of our services at an international level. We are thus expanding our geographic coverage and creating a regional hub, which will ease the providing of services, reduce delivery times and enable clients to gain logistical advantages within the wider region.

You are focused on integrating the latest technological trends into your operations and maintaining your commitment to green operations. Are you raising the bar for yourselves and others?

― When it comes to our commitment to green operations and the integrating of technological trends, Militzer & Münch raises the bar from year to year. We started out from solar panels, eco-vehicles and cross-docking, and we’ll see what 2024 brings us. We certainly have a strategic focus on technology that aims to improve efficiency, optimise processes and provide clients with innovative solutions.

M&M doesn’t only follow industry standards, but rather exceeds them, and that includes the use of modern information systems, tracking and inventory management technology, and process automation. Setting high standards in this area implies the implementing of measures that contribute to reducing our ecological footprint, including through the use of renewable energy sources, reducing emissions and ensuring the sustainability of the business as a whole. All of this not only benefits the company, but also has a positive impact on society. By demonstrating the importance of doing business responsibly and contributing to global efforts in the struggle against climate change, M&M serves as an example to other companies in the industry.

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