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EU’s Top Bicycle Imports Come from Taiwan and Cambodia

The European Union saw a significant shift in bicycle trade in 2023, with Taiwan and Cambodia emerging as the top sources for imports

In 2023, European Union countries exported bicycles worth €1.03 billion (both electric and non-electric), a decrease of 10% compared to 2022, according to Eurostat.

The value of imports was €1.98 billion, a decline of 21% compared to 2022.

A detailed look at the 2023 data reveals that the EU exported 293,000 electric bicycles (-21% compared to 2022) and imported 867,000 electric bicycles (-27%). Simultaneously, the EU exported 852,000 non-electric bicycles (-17% compared to 2022) and imported 3.5 million (-34%).

In 2023, Switzerland was the main destination for non-electric bicycle exports from the EU (30% of total non-EU exports by value), followed by the United Kingdom (20%) and the United States (6%).

Switzerland and the United Kingdom were also the primary destinations for electric bicycle exports (46% and 26% of total electric bicycle exports outside the EU, respectively), followed by the US (10%) and Norway (9%).

Most of the EU’s non-electric bicycle imports in 2023 came from Taiwan (32% of total non-EU imports by value), Cambodia (28%), China, and Bangladesh (both 8%).

The majority of electric bicycle imports into the EU were from Taiwan (59% of total non-EU imports), followed by Vietnam (16%), Switzerland (11%), and China (6%).

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