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Slovenia Outperforms Italy and Spain in Disposable Income Per Capita

In terms of average net disposable income per capita adjusted for purchasing power standard (PPS), Slovenia has edged out Italy and Spain, as reported by Eurostat.

The EU average in the previous year stood at 18,706 PPS, a near four percent increase from 2021. Slovenia’s average reached 18,792 PPS, slightly above this EU norm.

Luxembourg led the chart with a significant margin at 33,214 PPS, with the median figure representing an equal distribution above and below this value, considering the variance in income distribution and the household size and structure.

Close contenders were the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, and Germany, showcasing stronger disposable incomes in the EU’s economic landscape.

Slovenia’s performance, ranking just above the EU’s average, outstripped the likes of Cyprus and Ireland as well. Notably, traditional economic powerhouses Italy, with 18,472 PPS, and Spain, with 17,254 PPS, trailed behind Slovenia.

On the lower end, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, and Greece occupied the bottom ranks in the disposable income hierarchy within the EU.

While Slovenia’s purchasing power parity puts it above the EU average and ahead of Italy and Spain in the disposable income league, the scenario shifts when incomes are tallied in euros, reflecting a different economic picture.

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