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Serbia and Albania Boost Trade Exchange, Reaching 311.4 Million Euros in 2023

Serbia and Albania's trade relations soared in 2023, reaching an impressive 311.4 million euros, signaling a robust economic partnership

In a resolute push towards economic collaboration, Serbia and Albania showcased a remarkable surge in trade exchange, reaching a substantial value of 311.4 million euros in 2023, marking an 8% increase from the previous year.

Export figures from Serbia to Albania soared to 239.5 million euros, reflecting an 11.6% rise, while imports slightly decreased to 71.8 million euros, showcasing a commendable surplus of 167.7 million euros.

These encouraging statistics highlight the robust trade relations between the two nations, with approximately 1,200 Serbian business entities engaging in commerce with Albania throughout the year. Furthermore, Albania’s active participation in Serbia’s economy is evidenced by 24 registered commercial entities in Serbia with majority ownership by Albanian legal or physical entities.

Key sectors driving this bilateral economic momentum include furniture production, chemical, rubber, plastics, metal, and food industries. Notably, there are significant prospects for Serbian design and construction companies to engage in Albania’s ambitious regional and infrastructure modernization projects.

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