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One Region, Common Vision: Western Balkans Unite for Economic Integration in Kotor Summit

Western Balkans leaders gather in Kotor to discuss economic integration and the transformative potential of a Common Regional Market

Meeting of Western Balkans Ministers of European Affairs and Finance in Kotor set the stage for today’s highly anticipated Leaders’ Summit, highlighting a shared commitment to regional cooperation and economic integration.

At the forefront of discussions was the Growth Plan, with ministers emphasizing the pivotal role of unity in driving economic progress across the region.

Addressing attendees at the ‘One Region, Common Vision’ meeting, Mr. Lulzim Rafuna, Chairman of the Western Balkans 6 Chamber Investment Forum (WB6 CIF), underscored the transformative potential of a Common Regional Market. He spoke passionately about the benefits of aligning efforts towards a unified objective, emphasizing the market’s ability to stimulate economic growth, spur innovation, and attract foreign investment.

Highlighting the urgency of fully implementing the Common Regional Market, Mr. Rafuna emphasized its status as a top priority for businesses in the Western Balkans. His call for unified action and commitment to the New Growth Plan resonated strongly, as leaders and stakeholders reaffirmed their dedication to realizing a future of shared prosperity and opportunity for the region.”

PhotoWB6 CIF

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