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One Million Bottles Collected at Recycling Machines in Sarajevo

The Sarajevo-based company “Rad” has announced that one million packaging units have been collected in a year through recycling machines installed at various locations across Sarajevo Canton

The milestone comes as part of the “Recyclers in Bosnia and Herzegovina” project, which has been running for exactly one year. Earlier this week, Lamija Đozo and her friend deposited the millionth bottle into a recycling machine located in Vogošća.

Rad officials highlighted that the actual number of collected packaging units is likely higher, as many citizens use the machines without opting for any benefits. The company expressed gratitude to the community for recognizing the importance of this recycling initiative. Notably, in over 50 percent of cases, users chose to donate their recycling rewards to the charity.

The first recycling machine in Sarajevo Canton was installed in mid-August 2022 in front of the House of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The machines offer both donation options and practical benefits, such as free parking, to encourage recycling participation.

This initiative underscores the community’s commitment to sustainability and highlights the successful integration of technology and environmental responsibility in Sarajevo.

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