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Montenegro’s Construction Sector: €654 Million Projects Completed

Montenegro's construction sector saw €654 million worth of projects completed last year, marking a 7.2% decrease compared to 2022 figures

Montenegro’s construction sector completed projects worth €654 million last year, reflecting a 7.2% decrease compared to 2022 figures.

According to a recent report by Monstat, the country’s statistical office, the breakdown of construction works reveals that €270 million was spent on building projects, while the remaining €385 million went into other types of construction activities.

“Last year witnessed the completion of 1,560 residential units, with a combined floor area of 88,000 square meters,” according to the statement.

This slight decline in construction activity mirrors broader economic trends and challenges within Montenegro’s construction sector. As the country navigates through these fluctuations, stakeholders and analysts are closely monitoring the impact on the economy and the construction industry’s resilience amidst varying market conditions.

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