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Montenegro Sets Sights on EU Membership by 2028

During a compelling presentation at the Vienna Diplomatic Academy, Montenegrin President Jakov Milatović outlined Montenegro's robust case for European Union (EU) accession by 2028, highlighting the nation's economic advancements and commitment to regional stability and reforms

At the prestigious Vienna Diplomatic Academy, President Jakov Milatović conveyed a potent message to an audience comprising diplomats, ambassadors, intellectuals from Austria and the global community, as well as Montenegrin students, asserting that Montenegro’s integration into the EU would not only serve as a clear indication to other aspirant countries that reforms yield benefits but also significantly bolster the security of both the Western Balkans and the EU at large.

“Montenegro’s economic progress surpasses that of other candidate countries. Our longstanding use of the euro for over two decades, alignment with the EU’s foreign and security policies, completion of all negotiation chapters with the EU, and the absence of significant unresolved issues with neighbouring countries underscore our readiness,” Milatović shared on the X network. He also highlighted the peaceful democratic transition of power in Montenegro nearly four years ago, marking a historical milestone for the country’s democratic evolution.

Further emphasizing the post-election democratic maturity, Milatović noted significant advancements in strengthening the rule of law, particularly through the parliamentary consensus in appointing judiciary professionals. He reaffirmed Montenegro’s unwavering commitment to a pro-Western trajectory, underpinned by full EU membership, bolstering NATO credibility, and fostering amicable relations with neighbouring countries.

“Our nation possesses a strong political will to conclude the lengthy EU negotiation process. Similarly, my extensive diplomatic engagements over the past eight months have assured me of an equally strong resolve in Brussels,” Milatović stated on the X network, also mentioning Montenegro’s bid for a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council for 2026-2027 as a testament to two decades of independence and diplomatic efforts.

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