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Ljubljana Castle Reveals Majestic Kazemate Revival

The historic Ljubljana Castle, perched above Slovenia's capital, recently celebrated the completion of its latest renovation, the Kazemate. 

This extensive space, now the castle’s largest room at 31 meters, was officially opened on January 25 after a 2.5 million euros makeover. Historically, the Kazemate has served various roles, from a medieval passageway to a dormitory for prisoners when the castle functioned as a penitentiary, and even a carpentry workshop in the early 20th century.

This renovation, part of an ongoing project since 1969 aimed at rejuvenating the once “highly degraded” castle into a dynamic cultural hub, has carefully preserved the architectural integrity of the space. According to Kregar, one of the project’s leading architects, the effort was to make the castle self-sustaining by injecting life into it, ensuring it retains its historical significance while serving contemporary purposes.

The project has not only revitalized the castle’s interior but also earned the architects, including Kregar, Miha Kerin, and Edo Ravnikar Jr., accolades from the city of Ljubljana for their outstanding work. With the interior restoration complete, focus shifts to external enhancements and infrastructural improvements, including traffic management and parking solutions for the Castle Hill area.

Ljubljana Castle, now a vibrant venue for diverse cultural events like concerts, film screenings, and educational activities, attracted over 1.19 million visitors last year, a testament to its growing appeal, particularly among international tourists.

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