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Kosovo* Inaugurates National Observatory and Planetarium

Kosovo* inaugurates its first National Observatory and Planetarium, marking a new era in scientific research and education

In a significant stride for scientific advancement, Kosovo* opened its first National Observatory and Planetarium on 20th June, coinciding with the summer solstice. 

Situated in the village of Rashinca, the facility was developed under the aegis of the Astronomy Outreach of Kosovo* (AOK) and symbolizes a new era of integration and research for the nation.

Graduate student Pranvera Hyseni, who founded AOK in 2015, has been instrumental in bringing this vision to life. The construction of the observatory, which commenced two years ago, was funded by a $330,000 grant from Kosovo’s Education Ministry. Notably, the main telescope and other essential equipment were generously donated by Celestron, an American telescope manufacturer, and private benefactors.

Qemajl Aliu, the mayor of Shtime, heralded the observatory’s opening as a landmark event for the local community. “With this observatory and planetarium, we are opening new doors for the development of science in our country. Our children and youth will have the opportunity to learn and experience the wonders of the universe up close, encouraging their love and curiosity for science,” Aliu stated.

The center promises to ignite a passion for astronomy among Kosovo’s younger generations, fostering a deeper appreciation for the cosmos.

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