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Kosovo* Completes Currency Transition, Fully Adopts Euro

Kosovo* has finalized its currency transition, exclusively adopting the euro for all cash transactions following the end of a transitional period set by the Central Bank of Kosovo

Kosovo* has officially ceased the use of dinars, transitioning entirely to the euro for all cash transactions following the expiration of the Central Bank of Kosovo (CBK)’s transitional period. The move, which took effect today, aligns with a CBK decree that mandated the exclusive use of euros in an effort to streamline financial operations and strengthen economic stability across the region.

Since the decree’s implementation on 1st February, no punitive actions have been enforced, allowing citizens ample time to adjust to the new monetary system. However, starting today, the CBK warns that penalties will apply to anyone using other currencies for cash transactions within Kosovo.

As part of this financial overhaul, commercial banks in Kosovo* have been directed to expand their operations, particularly by opening new branches in the northern part of the country, to facilitate the smooth transition for all residents.

This currency change is expected to be a focal point in the upcoming seventh round of dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina in Brussels. Petar Petkovic, director of the Serbian Office for Kosovo* and Metohija, noted that discussions would once again address what he described as “the unilateral and illegal decision of Pristina to abolish the dinar.”

The shift to the euro is seen as a significant step for Kosovo* in its efforts to unify its economic practices with those of the broader European community.

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