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Irena Radović Appointed Governor of the Central Bank of Montenegro

In a pivotal session, the Montenegrin Assembly has elected Irena Radović as the Governor of the Central Bank of Montenegro, marking a significant moment in the country's financial leadership. 

The decision saw a strong majority in Radović’s favour, with 58 members of the assembly voting for her appointment, while 13 opposed.

Previously serving as the director of the Investment Development Fund, Radović’s candidacy was backed by the President of Montenegro, Jakov Milatović. In his address to the assembly, Milatović underscored the urgency of freeing the Central Bank from perceptions of being an institution mired in nepotism. He emphasized the pivotal role the new governor will play in Montenegro’s bid to join the European Union. Strengthening the Central Bank, he argued, is crucial for Montenegro as it prepares to enter the final stage of EU accession, which includes joining the economic and monetary union.

Milatović also lauded Radović’s qualifications, citing her commendable work at the Investment Development Fund and highlighting her professional and personal integrity. This appointment is seen as a step towards enhancing the reputation and effectiveness of the Central Bank in a critical phase of Montenegro’s integration into European structures.

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