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German Voters Lead, Malta Least Represented in Upcoming European Parliament Elections

As the 2024 European Parliament elections approach, scheduled from 6 to 9 June, Eurostat has tasked national statistical institutes of EU member states with gathering data on eligible voters. The results highlight significant disparities in voter representation across Europe.

Germany is set to have the largest number of eligible voters, with 65.1 million people expected to cast their ballots. Following Germany are France, with 50.7 million voters, and Italy, with 47.3 million. On the other end of the spectrum, Malta, Luxembourg, and Cyprus are anticipated to have the smallest voter bases, with 0.4 million, 0.5 million, and 0.7 million eligible voters respectively.

First-time voters, those who have reached the voting age since the last European elections in 2019, are also notably concentrated in larger member states. Germany leads with 5.1 million new voters, followed by France with 4.5 million, and Italy with 2.8 million. Conversely, the smallest influx of new voters is expected in Malta (26,000), Cyprus (59,000), and Estonia (70,000).

Hand placing a voting ballot into a clear box with EU flag backdrop.

Belgium, France, and Cyprus stand out with the highest proportion of first-time voters, representing 9.8%, 9%, and 8.7% of their respective electorates. These figures underscore the dynamic and evolving nature of voter demographics within the EU, reflecting broader socio-political trends and the critical role of younger generations in shaping future European policies.

This data provides invaluable insights for businesses and policymakers, highlighting regions with significant electoral engagement and potential shifts in the political landscape that could influence economic and regulatory environments. The forthcoming elections promise to be a pivotal moment for the European Union, with voter turnout and demographics playing a crucial role in determining the direction of EU governance.

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