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EU & Western Balkans Cut Roaming Charges

From 1st October this year, due to the implementation of the 'Roam like at home' scheme, mobile users in the Western Balkans have enjoyed a decrease in data roaming fees whilst in European Union countries.

Last December, 38 telecoms providers from the EU and the Western Balkans signed this agreement, which has now come into effect. This signifies a drop in data roaming charges, making data exchange between the Western Balkans and the EU more cost-effective for both individuals and businesses across these areas.

Both the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) and the European Commission have shown support for this initiative.

These providers have willingly pledged to reduce the disparity between data roaming and national rates for travelers moving between the EU and the Western Balkans in both directions.

Currently, the initial reduced tariffs are being rolled out by telecoms firms involved in the pact, with many offering deals significantly below the agreed-upon maximum limits, making them attractive to a wide spectrum of users.

Further tariff cuts are slated for 2026, following the set timeline, with a goal to make data roaming charges almost indistinguishable from domestic rates by 2028.

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