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Croatia Keen to Collaborate with Montenegro on Green Transition Projects

The Croatian Regional Agency for Energy and Climate (REGEA) has expressed keen interest in collaborating with Montenegrin counterparts on green transition projects. This comes as renewable energy sources, according to its director, Julije Domac, hold immense potential in energy production.

It’s essential for our narrative to be unified,” Mr. Domac said. “Given our close proximity, it’s not feasible to operate in isolation. I’m eager for us to collaborate, develop projects, and design funding sources,” he told Montenegrin journalists during their study visit to Zagreb this week, hosted by the European House.

Mr. Domac further mentioned that REGEA, an institution focusing on offering innovative solutions and advice in the energy and environmental sector, had previously provided consultancy services to the capital city of Podgorica for the creation of the Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP).

He highlighted that while Croatia possesses vast potential in renewable energy sources, the last 25 years have seen minimal progress due to a lack of political will. “In Croatia, we have a thousand MW of wind farms and 300 MW of solar plants. However, we’ve fallen short in harnessing solar energy. We are predominantly relying on hydroelectric power plants, built by our forefathers,” Domac said.

He believes Croatia’s accession to the EU has indeed advanced the green transition, but there is resistance from citizens concerned about the costs. Furthermore, he pointed out that some green activists tend to be extreme in their approach, which can be counterproductive.

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