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Copper Surges to Historic Highs, Crossing $11,000 per Ton Mark

Copper prices surge to historic highs, breaking the $11,000 per ton mark for the first time, driven by bullish investor sentiment and supply concerns

The price of copper has soared to unprecedented levels, continuing its months-long upward trajectory fueled by financial investors who have flooded the market in anticipation of deepening supply shortages.

Banks, mining conglomerates, and investment funds have been touting favorable long-term prospects in the copper market for months, leading to a surge in investments. This influx of capital has placed pressure on traders, who have adopted a more cautious stance due to weak demand, especially in China.

Futures on the London Metal Exchange surged by over 4%, propelling copper prices past the $11,000 per ton mark for the first time

Several events in 2024 have emboldened copper traders and attracted a growing tide of speculative capital.

The limited supply of copper ore has spurred discussions about production cuts in smelters, with investors betting that increased usage in rapidly growing sectors such as electric vehicles, renewable energy, and artificial intelligence will offset resistance from traditional sectors like construction.

The bullish sentiment surrounding copper prices reflects a broader optimism among investors regarding the future prospects of the metal in various industrial and technological applications.

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