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Steve Wozniak Pledges Lifelong Support to Promote Serbia

In a recent statement in Belgrade, Steve Wozniak, the renowned co-founder of Apple Inc, expressed his enduring commitment to supporting and promoting Serbia and its interests. 

During his meeting with President Aleksandar Vucic at the Palace of Serbia, Wozniak shared his deep appreciation for the country, influenced by an invitation from Serbian former tennis star Janko Tipsarevic.

Wozniak, who referred to himself as a “Serb living in America,” emphasized his intention to immerse himself in Serbian history. He drew parallels between corporate branding, as seen in companies like Apple Computers, and the national image of Serbia. 

Highlighting the upcoming Expo 2027 as a significant opportunity for Serbia to gain global attention, he mentioned working on additional initiatives to enhance Serbia’s influence.

His visit to Belgrade, which included discussions with Finance Minister Sinisa Mali about urban and national planning, was described by Wozniak as one of his most meaningful experiences.  Wozniak expressed his enthusiasm for Serbia’s potential and his desire to contribute to its ascent on the global stage, dedicating himself to the promotion of Serbian interests throughout his life.

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