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Tirana Summit: A United Front for Ukraine’s Sovereignty and Future in Europe

Leaders from across Southeast Europe, in a landmark summit held in Tirana, have unequivocally pledged their support for Ukraine, emphasizing the nation's sovereignty, territorial integrity, and the urgent need for enhanced international backing amidst ongoing conflicts

In a significant show of solidarity emanating from Tirana, leaders from across Southeast Europe, alongside their Ukrainian counterpart, President Volodymyr Zelenski, have unequivocally voiced their support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. This declaration, a resolute affirmation of Ukraine’s borders as recognized internationally since 1991, underscores a collective commitment to uphold the principles of national sovereignty in the face of aggression.

The communiqué, made public on the Ukrainian presidency’s website, beseeches the global community to significantly bolster its support for Ukraine. Amidst an era where geopolitical tensions loom large, these leaders have pledged unwavering support towards facilitating a just peace for Ukraine, signaling a unified stance against external encroachments on its sovereignty.

In a pointed critique, the declaration condemns Russia’s plans to conduct presidential elections within Ukraine’s occupied territories, branding such actions as blatant contraventions of international law. This move, it suggests, exemplifies the urgent necessity for a cohesive and resilient Europe, prepared to confront global adversities head-on.

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The assembly’s readiness to engage with President Zelenski’s Peace Formula, alongside participation in the proposed peace summit, reflects a broader ambition to ensure the Western Balkans, alongside Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia, advance towards European Union membership. This pursuit of integration underlines a shared vision for a Europe defined by unity, security, and prosperity.

Furthermore, the declaration supports Ukraine’s autonomy in determining its security arrangements, including its aspirations towards NATO membership—a stance that member and candidate countries have applauded, recognizing the strategic imperatives of expanding the alliance amidst current security challenges.

Crucially, the declaration articulates a consensus on the need for accountability for crimes committed in the conflict, underscoring an international commitment to justice. This extends to efforts aimed at countering disinformation and actively contributing to Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction, including demining and rebuilding initiatives.

The signatories, among them the presidents and prime ministers from Serbia, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo*, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Romania, have thus reaffirmed a collective resolve. Their message is clear: solidarity with Ukraine is paramount, not only for the restoration of peace but for the future stability and prosperity of the European continent. This declaration from Tirana is a testament to the enduring power of unity in the face of adversity.

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