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Slovenian President Declares Montenegro the ‘Locomotive’ Pulling Western Balkans Towards EU

Slovenian President Nataša Pirc Musar championed Montenegro as the 'locomotive' propelling the Western Balkans towards European Union accession, identifying Slovenia as its supportive 'voice'. 

Addressing the media at Brdo near Kranj, after talks with Montenegrin President Jakov Milatović, Pirc Musar reiterated Slovenia’s unwavering support for the EU’s expansion into the Western Balkans. 

She stressed the importance of deeper EU integration for the region, positioning Montenegro at the forefront of the accession queue. This statement underscores the continued efforts and diplomatic relationships fostering closer ties between the Western Balkans and the European Union, with Slovenia playing a pivotal role in advocating the expansion of EU boundaries.

 The press event highlighted the collaborative stance between the two nations and their shared vision for a more united European future.

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