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Open Balkan Initiative Launches Unified Labour Market on 1st March

As of 1st March, a landmark shift will occur in the labour markets of Serbia, North Macedonia, and Albania, with the introduction of a fully liberalised labour market under the Open Balkan initiative. 

This significant move comes in the wake of two protocols signed in Skopje, as per an official announcement.

The protocols in question facilitate free access to the labour market across the Western Balkans and the integration of electronic identification schemes for citizens in these countries. 

The implementation of these agreements signifies the inception of an unrestricted labour market across the Open Balkan countries. This change is poised to enhance the business environment significantly, benefiting both domestic and foreign companies. It addresses the long-standing issue of labour shortages and creates a combined labour market encompassing nearly 11 million people.

Furthermore, the agreements are seen as a strategic response to the economic requirements of the region. The establishment of this joint labour market is expected to offer numerous advantages. It allows for seamless employment opportunities for citizens across these nations under the same conditions as their local counterparts. This initiative also simplifies the process for companies, both local and international, in recruiting talent from this enlarged, more accessible regional workforce, effectively removing bureaucratic and institutional barriers.

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