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North Macedonia and US Strengthen Ties with National Security Strategy Pact

In a significant step towards bolstering bilateral cooperation, North Macedonia and the United States inked a memorandum on Wednesday, promising expert assistance for North Macedonia's development of its National Security Strategy.

The pact was sealed by Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski and the US Ambassador to North Macedonia, Angela Aggeler, as per an official statement from the Government.

Commenting on the development, Kovachevski remarked, “This attests to our deepening strategic partnership and underscores our shared commitment.” He reminisced about the decision made in September, when the Government recognised the imperative of drafting a comprehensive National Security Strategy, envisioning a cohesive approach to safeguarding the nation’s pivotal interests, thereby ensuring societal stability and safety.

Designed to unify various governmental departments and bodies, the strategy will also delineate North Macedonia’s position within the broader security landscapes of the region, Europe, and globally.

Kovachevski further highlighted the inclusion of a seasoned national security professional from the US, possessing over three decades of expertise in strategic planning, executive liaisons, and international military operations.

Ambassador Aggeler celebrated the strategic partnership’s reciprocal advantages, noting, “The US deeply values its collaborative ties with North Macedonia. Our alliance is rooted in mutual benefits, evident not just in North Macedonia’s significant role in NATO and its contributions to Ukraine, but across multiple spheres.”

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