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North Macedonia and Kosovo Sign Agreement for Key Tunnel Project

Deputy Ministers Bekim Rexhepi and Liburn Aliu signed an agreement to build a 6.4km tunnel on the Tetovo-Prizren road, linking North Macedonia and Kosovo*

The route, chosen for its optimal path through the Popova Shapka ski center, aims to boost regional tourism. This project is part of Corridor 8, improving connectivity in the Balkans and enhancing routes to cities like Skopje, Tirana, and Prishtina. 

An additional 17km of road will be constructed for the connection. Both nations view this project as a step towards stronger economic cooperation and faster European integration.

The tunnel project represents a significant step in strengthening the infrastructure and economic ties between North Macedonia and Kosovo*. It also aligns with broader regional goals of enhancing connectivity and fostering development. 

The cooperative efforts of both countries in this venture are seen as a model for cross-border collaboration in the Balkans, contributing to the overall stability and prosperity of the region. 

This initiative is expected to not only facilitate travel and trade but also to promote cultural exchange and mutual understanding between the two nations.

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