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Nelt Joins European Space Project for Advanced Transport Solutions

Nelt is set to collaborate with the European Space Agency on the SPATRA project, aiming to revolutionize transport monitoring and management through satellite technology

Nelt company will participate in the SPATRA project (Space-Based Applications for Transport Monitoring and Management), conducted in collaboration with the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA) under the auspices of the European Commission, as announced by the company.

The project, which began in January and will last two years, aims to enhance transportation through innovations in European satellite technology.

According to the announcement, SPATRA’s objective is to develop innovative applications for road and rail transport and logistics using the European satellite network and technology for positioning vehicles and drones.

The primary task is to address key challenges in transport and logistics, improve the efficiency and sustainability of transport in Europe, raise awareness of European satellite technologies like Galileo and Copernicus, and promote and facilitate their adoption in non-EU countries.

“Our company, in synergy with Zentrix lab, is involved in developing an application for road transport focusing on better predicting border crossing times and the availability of truck parking near borders where drivers take legally mandated breaks. This information will help transport companies to enhance efficiency, reduce the risk of delays, and optimize transport routes. The Nelt team’s task is to contribute to the creation of the application through its rich knowledge and experience,” said Andrej Dosković, manager of sales and development of international logistics services.

Nelt is part of a consortium that includes companies like OHB (Germany), Twist robotics (Ukraine), Zentrix Lab (Estonia), Zentrix Lab (Serbia), and the University of Niš (Serbia), participating in the SPATRA project as an end user of the road transport service.

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