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Lidija Tomić Named “Engineer of the Year” in Serbia for 2024

Dr. Lidija Tomić has been named Serbia's "Engineer of the Year" for 2024, highlighting the crucial role of women in engineering

Dr. Lidija Tomić, an air traffic engineer and assistant at the Aviation Academy, has been named “Engineer of the Year” for 2024 in Serbia. This award is part of an initiative by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Siemens Serbia, and the “Engineer of the Year” association, aimed at inspiring young women to pursue studies and careers in engineering.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mihailo Vesović, Director of Strategic Analysis, Services, and Internationalization at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, emphasized the importance of engineering in keeping pace with global technological advancements. “We live in an era of science, technology, and engineering. It’s crucial that we stay in tune with global developments, which we can only achieve with a strong domestic engineering workforce,” he stated, highlighting the higher participation of women in science and engineering in Serbia compared to global and European averages.

Medeja Lončar, General Director of Siemens for Serbia, Slovenia, and Croatia, underscored the need to bridge the “dream gap” between the ambitions of young girls and their realization of potential. She pointed out that stereotypes and a lack of role models remain significant challenges. Last year’s “Engineer of the Year,” Ana Petrović, General Director of Global Substation Solutions, added, “Engineering is not just about building bridges or programming software; it’s about building the future.

The field needs women’s perspectives, creativity, and problem-solving approaches.” The initiative is also supported by companies such as Comtrade, A1, and NLB Komercijalna Banka, which recognize the importance of engineering in economic development.

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